How to solve faded printing on Brother Printer?

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fix solve printer problemBrother printers are Japanese Product that used worldwide and people love to use brother printer for printing documents and the reason behind this is the quality of the prints, speed of the printer and the designs of brother printers are very attractive and they provides advanced features through which the printing becomes more easy, thus overall the brother printers are great to use for printing works.

The following are a list of common problems that we often encounter when using a Brother printer :

  • Problem with printer software
  • Error while installing a printer driver
  • Set-up and configuration errors
  • Driver’s not working
  • Unable to print
  • Poor quality prints
  • Printer compatibility Issues
  • Network connectivity error
  • Printer Input problems
  • Either faded prints or missing prints
  • Showing low ink error
  • Paper jamming error
  • Printer software related problems

These are all common problems with Brother printers, and they get immediate solutions to these problems from Brother customer service experts, or you can also visit the Brother official website.

Steps to solve faded printing Problem

There could be many reasons behind this problem and if you got stuck with faded printing problem then follow the steps as listed below to get rid from the brother printer problem, and if you fails to fix the error then get help from the squad of brother customer service, first of all try these step and get relief from this problem:

  1. Check that the paper is plain, multi-purpose or recycled paper and the weight of the paper is 16-24 lb.
  2. Now press the OK button three times to print the printer settings report, examine the quality of print on each printed page.
  3. Now closely examine the printed text and horizontal lines on each page of printer settings report, rectify if any of the print appear to have a shadow or to be smeared downwards.
  4. Make sure that the toner save mode is not ON.
  5. Press the downward arrow till General Setup option appears, press OK.
  6. Press downward arrow till Ecology appears, then press OK
  7. Press downward arrow till the Toner Save option appears and then press OK.
  8. If the saver mode is ON then turn it OFF
  9. Now carefully open the front face cover and remove the drum and toner assembly.
  10. Now, Clean the primary corona wire inside the drum unit by gently sliding the green tab located the top of the drum unit, from left to right several times. Return the green tab to the home position before reinstalling the drum unit assembly.
  11. There you would see small piece of metal that look like staples aligned vertically and a metal rod protruding from the side. With the help of soft lint-free dry cloth clean off these pieces.
  12. Now gently rock the toner from one side to another five to six times, so that the toner gets distributed inside the cartridge easily.
  13. Now you are suppose to reinstall the drum and toner assembly into the machine and close the front cover.
    Press OK button three times to print the printer settings

If the print quality is good, that means the problem is resolved, but if the problem remains the same, ask for help from Brother Customer service so that they can provide printer technical support. We also recommend visiting Brother’s official website support.

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