Wondering how to make your envy printer software rock? Read this!

The printer is used to print the picture, materials, and other data. ENVY is a series of products i.e. laptop, printer, and other products introduced by the well-known company HP. HP introduced the envy models in the year 2009. HP introduced different all in one printer under different ranges. Presently HP offers 50 models of envy printers.

Envy printer is a well-known printer. The main reason behind it is HP ENVY offer different models of printers that provide different features to its users resulting in attracting more and more users to use the printer.

Envy Printer Models Name– different models are offered by HP ENVY to its customers. These models are such as

  • HP ENVY 5055 All in One Printer
  • HP ENVY 6055 All in One Printer
  • HP ENVY PRO 6455 All in One Printer
  • HP ENVY Photo 7455 All in One Printer
  • HP ENVY Photo 7855 All in One Printer

ENVY PRINTER SOFTWARE– for proper functioning you need to install software that connects your device with the printer. For connecting you need a user name and password. To make your HP ENVY printer software rock you need three steps:

  1. Installing the software– you need to install the software on your device for the functioning of the printer. Your printer cant work if you don’t install the software. There are certain steps for installing the software. Before installing the software you need to keep in the mind the printer is properly unpacked and connected with wires.
  2. Connection- you need to connect your printer with your devices for attaining the printing services. For connecting with the printer you have two options. You can either connect your printer with the device by using the WI-FI or you can connect it with by using the USB cable.
  3. Download software- after connecting with the device you need to ensure that your device can control the printer. It is possible when you install a particular software. For installing you need to open your browser and the model name of your printer. Download the HP app for installing software.
  4. Open the HP app- after installing you need to open an app. This app provides you two options whether you want to take the trail or you already have a subscription for using the software. In case you select the trial option, HP provides you the software for some day’s trial. You can use the software for some time. For using the trial option you need to fill your details. If you choose the already subscription option, you need to fill the details and then you can go for the next option.
  5. Software- if you want basic software you can select the option “basic drivers” but if you want to install additional software along with basic driver you can choose the option “Full Software and Drivers”
  6. Installation- after choosing a particular option you can install the software on your device.
  • Monitoring the software– if you think after installing software your work is done then you are wrong. After installing ENVY PRINTER SOFTWARE, you need to monitor the software from time to time for the effective functioning of the printer.
  • Updating software– ENVY provides updates of software from time to time. If you use the old version of the software you cant be able to work efficiently and also new features can’t be used by you because you don’t know the updated version of the software. You need to update the software from time to time so you can use the new version introduced by ENVY.

You can make your ENVY printer software rock by adopting the above mention points. It helps to increase the functioning of the prin

Wondering how to make your envy printer software rock? Read this!

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