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First, Know About is a website from where you can download drivers and install printer easily. On the Top of Website just add you Printer Model Number and Download your Printer Drivers.

Here, in this website you will get the following:

  • Steps for Download Printer Drivers using Windows and Mac at
  • Steps for Setup HP Printer using
  • Also get, Solution for Downloading Printer Drivers Error.
  • Solution for Installation Failed.
  • Best and Quick Way to Setup Printer.

Steps for Download Printer Drivers using Windows or Mac at

Below, you will find the steps for Download Printer Drivers using Windows or Mac:

  • First unbox your New Printer.
  • Then, place the Paper into the Paper Tray of your Printer.
  • Place the Ink Cartridges.
  • Connect Printer to the Power Cord and make it turn ON.
  • Download the driver software for your HP Printer by visiting website
  • On website, first Enter your Printer Model Number and click on search. After loading, you will get the download option.
  • Here Select version for Windows or Mac and Click on download. Once the downloading complete. Install the drivers in easy guided steps.

Steps for Setup HP Printer Wirelessly using

Below, you will find the steps for Printer Setup Wirelessly using

  • First follow the above steps for downloading drivers from
  • After that, Turn on your Printer Device.
  • On Printer Screen, click on printer control and click on wireless icon.
  • Once the search completed, it will show you a list of available networks.
  • Then, Select the name of your network to complete the connection.
  • After Selecting the network, Enter the SSID of your home network and connect your Printer to the wireless network.
  • Then, in your laptop or computer, go to control panel and after the go to devices and printer and select your printer and follow the guided steps.
  • Finally, you are connected with your Printer Device. Now you can Start Printing.

Solution for Downloading Printer Drivers Error using 123 Com Setup Web Page

Unable to download Printer drivers using 123 com setup web page. Facing any issue or error in downloading drivers.

Don’t worry we are here to help you. Just contact our Printer Experts. They will fix your problem and help you in setup your printer inst

Solution for Installation Failed

Unable to Install Printer and Drivers. Facing any issue or error in installing Printer and Drivers.

Don’t worry, when our Printer Experts are here to help you. Just call our Printer Experts or chat with them. They will resolve your all Printer Problems and help you in installing your Printer and Drivers instantly.

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Best Quick Way to Setup Printer

Disappointed with your Printer? Our expert Tech Support team of experts will assist you to resolve any issues regarding with Printer Setup and Configuration. We stand ready to offer you the best appropriate Solutions.

  • Our Printer Experts support you for all types of printers which include Installation, setup, driver downloads and troubleshooting.
  • Our talented Printer Experts will give you a One-Stop Solution for all of your printer issues.
  • Our Printer Experts will provide you complete setup and installation instructions for your Printer device.
  • They also assist you technically in configuring your printer over a network and help you with troubleshooting your printer issues.


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